Ten Dollars to Hate


Klan's 1920s resurgence tracked in "Ten Dollars to Hate"
Aug. 28, 2017 | San Antonio Express News | By Ed Conroy

Trump could learn from Texas history
Aug. 20, 2017  | Houston Chronicle | By Patricia Bernstein


The history of the KKK in Austin and one man's courtroom victory
Aug. 17, 2017  |  Austin American-Statesman  | By Michael Barnes


"Bernstein has done Texas and the country a favor."
July 8, 2017  |  Corpus Christi Caller-Times  |  by Dr. Manuel Flores

The Bookmark: In-depth PBS interview with the author
 June 2017  |  Interview by Christine Brown of Texas A&M University Press


Is the Ku Klux Klan still present in Houston today?
June 6, 2017 | KRIV-TV FOX 26 | The Isiah Factor Interview with Isiah Carey



Ten Dollars To Hate and the Confederate statues controversies
June 5, 2017  |  Morning Edition: NPR   |  By correspondent Wade Goodwyn



Author: Dan Moody, a hero and a racist
May 28, 2017  |  The Williamson County Sun  | Interview with Madison Simmons


Texas Author Shares Perspectives On History; Dan Moody
May 18, 2017  |  The Advocate  | Interview with Georgetown Advocate


Review: "Who will play Dan Moody in the Steven Spielberg movie?"
May 2017  |  Journal of the Texas Supreme Court Historical Society  | By Terence L. O'Rourke


 Interview on SIRIUSXM's POTUS Channel
April 14, 2017  |  The Press Pool show  | With host Julie Mason (Interview abridged)


Ten Dollars to Hate: Interview with Click2Houston
March 29, 2017  |  Click2Houston |  Interview with Derrick Shore and Jennifer Broome


Texas Matters: How the KKK Took Control Of Texas And How Dan Moody Broke Them
March 17, 2017  |  Texas Public Radio  |  Texas Matters, interview with David Martin Davies


Ten Dollars to Hate: The Texas Man Who Fought the Klan
March 8, 2017  |  Houston Matters  |  Political Roundup


The One-Question Interview: Patricia Bernstein
Patricia answers a single, but complicated, question.
March 2017  |  Texas Monthly
Politics, with John Nova Lomax


We used to talk about immigrants this way — nearly a century ago
Patricia Bernstein’s personal essay about her own family’s immigrant experience and how today’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has echoes from decades such as the one she tackled in her new book about the 1920s Ku Klux Klan, Ten Dollars to Hate.
February 24, 2017  |  Trib Talk
by Patricia Bernstein


An “inclination to evil”
An excerpt from Patricia Bernstein’s new book
Ten Dollars to Hate: The Texas Man Who Fought the Klan.
February 12, 2017  |  The Houston Chronicle